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Reluctant Millennial, Willing InterPlayer

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Foluke Nkenge

Rumor has it that I’m a millennial, but I don’t really see myself as a millennial. I chafe a bit at the label, which I’m pretty sure is a trait of millennials. A label that I claim is “InterPlayer.” I came to InterPlay (or perhaps it came to me) during a time of spiritual revival in my life and knew that it was something I needed to be doing, despite the discomfort I felt.

One thing I do know about my generation is that authentic connection in this smartphone-dependent, instant gratification culture is difficult to come by, but we crave it. InterPlay gives me the space to find connection without judgment, especially in a world where judgment is so prevalent. I’m free to be weird and to need some space and to need a hug and those are such unifying experiences because we all feel them. And I have a community of caring people that give me the support I need and that invites me to do the same: I like to call them my “InterPlay family.”

Within InterPlay, we’re equal. I, as a 27-year-old, am not assumed to be spoiled, lazy, and self-centered or any other stereotype of my generation. My voice has value, as do the other voices in the room, young or old, white, black, and in between, short or tall, big or small, InterPlay invites everyone into the space to play. Not only that, but it gives us a place to shine in our strengths and operate outside of our comfort zones.

InterPlay is my place to land.

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