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The Soulprint Players are an InterPlay performance ensemble. Using the improvisational forms of InterPlay, Soulprint Players use suggestions and information from the audience to create dance, song and story in the moment. Interplay performance is a vehicle for group exploration of themes both difficult and sublime. The ensemble consists of trained performers as well as those new to performance. A common thread in the ensemble is the willingness to explore truth in the moment and express that through the common language of the InterPlay forms. 


Visit our Stories page for upcoming Soulprint Players activities.

Photo by Ruth Schowalter

The Soulprint Players

L. to R.: Carolyn Renée, Debra Hiers, Christine Gautreaux, Jennifer Denning, Ka'MHeru Ubaka-Blackmore, Charné Fucron, Foluke Beveridge, Karimah Dillard & Joyce Kinnard, Kneeling in front: D'Olivia Jones & Lynn Hesse.


Soulprint Players not pictured: Leslie Carlen, Ruth Schowalter & Vivian Slade

This video was taken during the Sankofa performance on Gentrification
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